Saturday, June 28, 2014

2.5 Days of Travel

After traveling with Joey on several occasions, the only conclusion I can draw is this:
babies are completely unpredictable.

One day they could be a wonderful traveler, the next, an absolute... difficult sweetie.
Scratch that...
one MOMENT they could be a wonderful traveler, and the next, totally difficult.

Day 1, Vancouver to Narita, Japan:

Airport was a fun experience. All the people in our waiting area were crazy about Joey, so he hammed it up big time and had quite an audience taking pictures of him, watching him, holding him, and laughing with us.  He crawled all around and chased me and his plush ducky, occasionally stopping to make sure everyone was watching and clapping for them.

I thought, "wow! what an angel! we can so do this trip. It's gonna be way easier than I thought."

We had a big area at the front of the plane and a spot for a bassinet, so I thought we were coasting....
Joey was happy enough for about the first hour or so.  I fed him, we played on the ground, looked out the window, looked at the people behind us.

Then it was nap time...

Then it wasn't nap time...

10 month old's, and bassinets don't mix.

I won't go in too much detail about the rest of the journey to Narita, but I will say this: there was no nap in the 9 hour flight, nor was there sleep in the 3 hours that followed.  

Also, I forgot to bring wipes in the carry-on backpack, which meant we were wipeless for nearly three days... which meant wiping with toilet paper or wet paper towel. Yowza.  Not fun.

About flying Air Japan:
Super nice plane.
Good meals and good service.

Noteworthy experience at Narita Airport:

Getting our visa in the worlds most stale smelling smokey room I've ever been in.
Spotted a no smoking sign.

Hotel Experience, Narita Japan:

We found our shuttle right away that would take us to our Narita hotel.
Really nice inside (Express Hotel, Narita)
Room smelled of stale smoke, but was roomier than most of the other places I'd looked at and we didn't have to pay extra for the shuttle.  Nice enough. Good bed. Good pillows. Nice bath.

Dealing with Time Change, Day 1:Joey went down with a flood of tears from being so overtired while Stuart and I sat in the bathroom and waited for him to settle.  We both went to sleep around 7 o'clock local time and I'm glad we did because Joey was ready for the day at 3am.  I walked with him through the hotel lobby for an hour and then played with him on the ground for an hour.
Stuart was up after that and he went down to the lobby on the computer while I put Joey down and had a long bath and read. It was actually really relaxing.
Adjusting well.

What We Ate:Because Joey needed to go to sleep so desperately when we arrived at the hotel, we decided that one of us would venture out and come back with take out.  There were no restaurants around our hotel within walking distance, and our hotel restaurant was pricey, so I went across the street to a small market and got us some cupa soup and cheese buns which we ate in the cramped bathroom. It was actually really fun... maybe because we were so over tired.

Impressions of the short time we were in Narita:
SO green and lush.
SUCH crazy traffic and driving.

Day 2: Narita to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
Left for the airport bright and early because there was no real place for Joey to crawl around at the hotel and we decided it would be better at the airport for him. Also, breakfast at our hotel was 20 USD per person, so we thought finding a place at the airport would work better.

At the airport, Joey was a little angel. He had one minor meltdown at McDonald's while we ate our breakfast, but for the most part he was a happy guy.

The Flight;

I think Joey was way over tired and needed to catch up on sleep in a serious way, so he slept on me for about FIVE hours of our flight! It was amazing! He was heavenly! The only problem was that it was super uncomfortable for me and I couldn't move out of awkward sitting positions. But I'll take that over whining any day of the week.
When he woke up he was happy and easy for the rest of the flight. A totally different baby.

Notes about Flying Malaysia Air:

Amazing! Not as nice of a plane as Air Japan, but they had good food, good service, and free wine!

Our Hotel:
We got a voucher from Malaysia Air for a hotel because they changed our flight.  It was awesome. We got a free shuttle to our hotel (Empress Hotel).  The room was really nice and spacious. Joey could even fit in the bathroom to sleep!! (in his pack 'n' play) while we enjoyed our dinner!
It was a little crazy and loud, but great.

Dealing with Time Change, Day 3:
Joey fell asleep around 7:30 pm.  We attempted to go to a restaurant, but Joey was super cranky so when we got our first dish, we decided to eat the rest of it back at the hotel room.
Stuart and I went to sleep around 8:30.
We woke up several times in the night because of all the noise. (not Joey, he was out like a light).
Up at 5am. (Same with Joey and Stuart)

What We Ate:
Spicy Chicken in Garlic
Beef with Spring onions and green beans
fried rice
(street restaurant. All delish)

Breakfast buffet at the hotel! Pancakes that tasted like corn bread (not sure they have the 'western' recipe down pat, but still good!) Dragon fruit, and watermelon. (SO AMAZING!)

Impressions of KL:
As we already knew, driving was crazy. WAY crazier than Japan. I thought we were going to get in an accident about a thousand times. Lots of honking and speeding.
In the middle of the night there was SO much noise. People love to blare music in KL. Like, I don't mean old peoples version of middle of the night, I mean until 3am and THEN they have a 5am SUPER loud call to prayer. Do these people ever sleep!?!?

Day 3, Kuala Lumpur to Bali:
Home stretch! Joey did amazing on the flight.  Slept and then was super happy on the plane when he woke up.  Won't say too much about this because it was once again an Malaysia Air flight, so not much new to report.

Will write about Bali tomorrow, likely during Joey's nap and try to incorporate some pictures as well.  

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