Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jimbaran Bay

After the most tiring day with zilcho naps, Joey had a very restful night with twelve hours of sleep.  However, since he went to sleep at 6pm, he also woke up at 6am which made for an early morning with mama.

We played down in the hotel lobby for a little while, splashing in the pool, talking to the workers and the security guards.  When the sun came out, I strapped Joey in the bjorn and we went for a little morning walk on the main road, found some coffee, and headed for the beach.

Our hotel is not right on the beach.  It's about a ten minute walk.

Let me describe, as best I can, the road we walk down to get to the beach.

As I turn out of our hotel there are many 'warungs' on the left side of the street.  The street looks like an alley way.  Some spots have really skinny side walks with giant holes in them, other spots you are just walking in the alley.  The road is only a little wider than a compact car, and cars drive down the street all the time.  How do you walk when a car is coming? you ask.  We just duck into one of the many stores selling junky clothes, sarongs, and sunglasses.  These shops can be found pretty much every two shops.  The roads where we are look something like this: sarongs and sunglass shop - massage parlor - sarong and sunglasses -warung - surf shop (rental/repair/lessons) - indomart (where we buy our icecream) - sarong and sunglass shop- warung, etc. etc. etc.  They're all basically the same stuff.  No price tags and plenty of bartering.  We haven't bought anything here.  I think our bartering for junky stuff days may be over.

Actually, I shouldn't say that.  Stuart needed some swimming shorts because he forgot his at home and ended up buying a pair from one of these shops for 50, 000 IDR (about 4.50 USD) and they're actually great and quick drying.  I also bought something from one of the shops.  A beautiful orange and black sarong for 30, 000 IDR (About 2.75 USD) and it has been really useful to us in the evenings.  I tie the top part to the stroller and drape it over Joey and tie it to where the bottom wheel is and it keeps it nice and dark for him to sleep while Stuart and I have dinner (this has worked a few times, not every time) and I'm assuming that it also keeps the mosquitos away because Joey has had no bites yet.  I put repellent on him in the evenings as well. So far, so good.

Anyway - our morning at the beach was beautiful.  It's really breezy along the water, so I took Joey out of the Bjorn and carried him while he looked out at the water.  He loves the ocean here.  How could you not? The waves are amazing, the sounds are peaceful, and the breeze is relaxing.

Another thing Joey has come to love on the beach is all of the stray dogs.  They are everywhere and seem to be harmless.  He loves looking at them and reaching out for them (though I don't dare let him get close!!) They gross me out because they're so maingy, and apparently Bali has a big problem with rabies.  Yikes. Better safe than really really sorry.  (remember that episode of the office where they do a 5km rabies awareness run?)

Anyway - we got back to the hotel and had breakfast with Stuart after a couple of hours of wandering around, looking at dogs, and talking to people.
I really have to start taking a camera out when Joey and I go for our early morning walks because it's the only time of day when Kuta is quiet and peaceful and there are not many people out at the ocean.

Breakfast was nice, and we bid farewell to Anette and Kevin (our Australian friends) who were heading to the central mountains.

We toyed with the idea of going somewhere like that, but frankly, with a baby, one can not be too adventurous.  I think it's adventure enough to come to Bali with Joey and try out our routine here.

We headed down to the beach and Joey fell asleep on the way.  Stuart and I sat and talked, watching the surfers and some surfers in lessons.  Joeys nap was once again short lived and we attempted to walk down the beach with him to Seminyak, but his crying was incessant so we thought it would be best to try to nap him in the room.

We got back to the room and put him down for a nap. I went out shopping for a little bit and brought back lunch for Stuart and I. When I got back to the room, Joey was still crying, so we took him out and had our lunch on the balcony while Joey entertained himself.

We spent some nice time as a family after lunch out at the pool swimming, splashing, and looking up at the kites flying high in the blue sky.

We thought that for sure all of the playing and the (at least) an hour of swimming would tucker little Joey out, but he was in pain and holding him was a good distraction.  As soon as we put him down, once again, after seeing him yawning and rubbing his eyes, he cried and was so heartbroken.  I picked him up and comforted him, gave him some tylonal, and put him down again because he seemed desperate for a nap but just couldn't fall asleep.

Half an hour later he finally wore himself out... for 25 minutes.  When he woke up we all played for a while in the room because it was too hot to go outside.

I had looked up a fun place for us to spend the evening and figured that if all went according to plan, that Joey would sleep in the stroller while Stuart and I enjoyed a romantic evening.

Things seldom go according to plan.... however, to our surprise and delight, it actually did! (for the most part).

We hailed a bluebird taxi and soon were on our way to Jimbaran Bay.  This is the place to get fresh caught seafood and eat it by candle light out on the sand while listening to the tide coming in. 25 degrees and breezy. Garlic and prawns.  Fresh snapper.  Pineapple juice. Sweet soy sauce and rice.

The taxi ride was going well.... for a few minutes.  Then, I heard a loud and thundering boom. Also, I felt it on my lap.  And then I heard it again.  And then I smelled it.  Here are pictures from the sequence of events.
Picture 1: Happy in the taxi
Picture 2: Realizing that he had completely pooped through his sleeper and all down his leg
Picture 3: Wiping him down
Picture 4: Happy we found a different outfit in the bag and all cuddled up

After a very interesting taxi ride to Jimbaran Bay we walked around for a long time waiting for Joey to fall asleep.  Finally, after about 1/2 an hour in the stroller walking, he conked out and Stuart and I carried the stroller out onto the sand and enjoyed a fun and delicious meal.

                                          All in all, another wonderfully exhausting day in Bali!

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