Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Plain and Simple

The last two days have been super relaxed around here in Ubud.
Mornings are spent like this:
Mommy and Joey go to a coffee shop after Joey has 'breakfast' out on the balcony and have some playtime while mama enjoys an Americano.  Playtime at my fave coffee shop usually lasts about an hour and then we head back to the place and wake up Stuart, play in the room for a while, and then go grab some pancakes.

After breakfast is nap time. Morning naps are usually pretty short and after nap, the three of us will often venture out for a little walk and find somewhere for lunch and wandering around.

Yesterday afternoon we had super thin crust pizza at Mama Mia and Joey got taken care of by this guy:

and later in the afternoon we went to the grocery store and Joey got taken care of by these girls:

We searched for a place to stay for a long time yesterday, because our stay here at Tegal Sari is almost up and there are no available rooms for the next... long time.  I booked this place three mothns ago and even with booking it way back then (as I may have mentioned...) we still couldn't get the same room for the duration of our booking (5 nights).  It's a pretty popular place.

After looking at several rooms and finding out that some were either unavailable for our dates or over our budget, we decided to look online for a room and found something for tomorrow that seems good.... hopefully it is!

Last night, Joey went to bed early so we ate dinner in our room and had a nice relaxing evening.

The only real different activity we did today was go to the market.  It was insane.  SO many things being sold.  The outdoor market was a little les tight, but the indoor part of the market was crazy tight.  We didn't think of taking a picture of the indoor one because it was so crazy in there and we just wanted to get out. It would've been hard enough going in there just by yourself, let alone with a sweety attached to you and a diaper bag.  Thank goodness we didn't consider bringing a stroller!

Here is the only picture we took of the market:

We didn't buy anything.

Oh,  I forgot to mention that I went for a run yesterday. It was so stinkin hot and so hard to run with all of the people around and the motor bikes and tour buses zipping by, but I figured it out and ran back on the trail from a few days ago.  Today I ventured out a little further in a different direction until there were way fewer people so I turned around and came back the the hotel.

It's pretty hilly here.

Also, in my comparison of traveling with a baby in Kuta vs. Ubud, I failed to mention that the weather in Ubud is a definite plus.  It's significantly cooler here.  It does get quite warm in the afternoon, but not unbearable like Kuta.

Anyway - here are some here-and-there pictures from the last two days.  We don't take many pictures. We need to get better at that maybe.

Picture 1: Making new friends
Picture 2: At an Indian Restaurant
Picture 3: Waiting for a thousand years for our transportation... and apparently loving it
Picture 4: Playing 'peek-a-boo' with the girls in the kitchen

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