Sunday, July 6, 2014

Traveling with a Baby - Kuta vs. Ubud

There are definitely pros and cons to backpacking with a baby in each location.  I say backpacking because, for all intents and purposes, that's what we're doing.  Granted, we are staying in the nicer 'backpacker' joints because we've got a little angel in tow.  If we were to be doing the trip resort style, the results of the 'Ubud vs. Kuta' would obviously be very different.

Backpacking in Kuta with a budget of 70 dollars a day (This includes lodging and all food/beverage for two people):

Small room with AC, small bathroom, decent selection of places to buy food

The people:
LOVE Joey. Wow. We couldn't walk two feet without someone pinching his cheeks or smiling at him.  They even wanted to hold him. All the time.  It was so much fun.
(a con to this is that ... and I don't know if they're related ... Joey is STILL battling a wicked cold and has snot running down his nose like a faucet)

The dogs:
Not too many and most of them are baking in the heat and don't care about you.

The area:
no real peace and quiet, unless of course, you're on the beach. And the beach stretches forever.  Sooo, that's pretty great.  Joey loved the beach, too.
Outside of the beach, you're pretty much getting bombarded at every turn by someone wanting to sell you something.

Backpacking in Ubud with a budget of 70 dollars a day (inc. lodging and all food/beverages for 2 people)

Massive room. Massive balcony with a beautiful view. Large bathroom. Decent selection of food places. Or hey! Get your food delivered right to your balcony at no extra charge.

The people:
So many less people here! But, what people we have met have been lovely and enjoy playing with Joey.

The dogs:
A little more territorial than in Kuta.  I'm a little nervous to walk by them.

The area:
Peace and quiet abound.  The only sounds you hear once you're off the main road are a symphony of nature. Beautiful.

I enjoy busy, chaos, and plenty of social interactions, both good and bad.  Kuta was awesome for going out with Joey and spending hours hanging out with the locals while they gooed and gaaed over him.
It was a HUGE challenge having Joey in our hotel room out there because it was so small and there was nowhere for him to play.  That was definitely a negative.

Our place in Ubud is perfect for us all to just hang out and chill in without needing to redirect Joey every five seconds and with the beautiful view and room service, it's hard to want to leave our room especially for Stuart! I go stir crazy sometimes.

I like both places, and thus far, the offer completely different experiences.  If you like chaos and the beach, go to Kuta. If you like peace and tranquility, come to Ubud.
They are both beautiful in completely different ways.

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